ETA athletes can participate in exciting community Aquathlon events (Swimming & Running) in both Edmonton and Calgary! 
These low cost events take place over the winter months and are an opportunity to experience racing their peers at the Kinsmen Rec Centre


Triathlons is the combination of all three disciplines: Swim, Bike & Run. Distances vary from Super-Sprints al the way to Olympic distance, depending on the age of the athlete.

Blog | Physical Therapy for the Triathlete and Triathlon Performance


For those who don't fancy the swim, Duathlons offer the best other option: Run, Bike & Run!
Duathlons are very popular at every age and can be a great way to introduce you to this type of racing while developing swim skills.

Spring & Fall Cross Country

Spring & Fall Cross Country races are a great way of allowing our athletes to develop racing tactics on trails throughout our beautiful river valley.